Norway’s fresh salmon export volume, value drop in week 25 – Undercurrent News


Norway exported lower volumes of fresh salmon in week 25 at reduced prices, according to data published by the Norwegian Seafood Council and available on Undercurrent News‘ trade flows data page.

Export volumes of fresh salmon decreased by 6% week-on-week to 16,123t, which is also a 9% decrease in comparison with the same period of 2019. Meanwhile, the average price per kilogram dropped 12% w-o-w to NOK 61.90/kg. 

Norway also exported 1,899t of fresh salmon fillets, down 4% from 1,969t exported the week before. Average unit prices also went down for this product from NOK 111.39/kg to NOK 100.90/kg, down by 9% w-o-w.

In terms of frozen salmon, average unit prices went up while volumes fell, as the first chart below shows.

The Nordic country exported fresh salmon with an average value that rose by 7% from NOK 57.63/kg to NOK 61.84/kg. Export volumes of this product, however, fell from 408t the

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