Midsummer weekend kept police and rescue services busy in Finland – Helsinki Times

On Saturday, a young man drowned at Hietaniemi Beach in Helsinki, a roughly 30-year-old man drowned after falling from a carpet-washing jetty into River Kymijoki in Kotka, an elderly woman drowned while swimming at her summer cottage in Sauvo, South-west Finland, and one person drowned in Pälkäne, Pirkanmaa.

On Friday, an elderly man drowned in Rautalampi, Northern Savonia, and one person in Kivenlahti, Espoo.

Both YLE and Helsingin Sanomat also reported that a coast guard officer died after a patrol vessel brushed the bottom and sank outside Loviisa in the Gulf of Finland on Saturday. Two members of the three-person crew managed to abandon the vessel, but the last one was not pulled out of the water-filled vessel until later.

The officer was pronounced dead after being helicoptered to Meilahti Hospital in Helsinki, Petteri Blomvall, a director at the Gulf of Finland Coast Guard District, told YLE.

The cause of death is being investigated by the police and the incident by the Safety Investigation Authority.

Over 23,000 calls to emergency call centres

Helsingin Sanomat wrote that despite forest fire warnings being in effect in several parts of the country, the number of wildfires was lower than both last year and the school-ending weekend. House fires, meanwhile, claimed the life of a woman in Hamina, Southern Finland, and left one injured in Oulu.

More than 23,000 calls were made to Emergency Call Centres between Friday and Saturday, according to the Emergency Response Centre Agency. Most of the calls dealt with falls, illnesses, vandalism and disturbances.


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