Finnish finally gets Duolingo treatment with new app-based course – News Now Finland

File picture of young man holding Finnish flag / Credit: iStock

It’s been one of Duolingo‘s most commonly-requested language courses, and now Finnish is getting its own lessons on the popular mobile phone app.

From Wednesday language enthusiasts can begin learning Finnish in ten-minute-per-day chunks, from a course put together by a small team of volunteers and language experts in Finland.

The company says the app is supposed to be an extra language tool, and helps supplement other learning methods like real life scenarios, or watching television with subtitles, and it’s been something their users have been asking about for a long time.

“It became a bit of an in-joke at work any time we would launch a new course the first post would be ‘when are you launching Finnish’ and we’ve been working on it for a while” says Duolingo’s Colin Watkins.

The company says there’s about half a million people in Finland who don’t have Finnish as their first language and they hope the new addition to their app will help people become more integrated.

“If you’re in Finland, having more Finnish will help you in day-to-day life, you might recognise what’s on

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